When you think of socks, what do you think? You probably don’t give them much thought other than you wear these with your shoes. However, when you are moving, socks can be a great packing material that keeps things in order! With this being said, we are going to highlight a few unconventional ways that socks can be used when packing up for a move!

  1. Socks are great for wine glasses and glassware in general. In most cases you want a fairly large sock to slide these glasses into, but the sock will offer a lot of cushion when moving and if you pack these glasses into the box properly, you are going to have even better results!
  2. When packing your shoes, put a rolled pair of socks inside the shoe to help keep their shape when thrown into a box!
  3. Did you run out of packing paper? If so, don’t fret! You can add in socks inside of a box to add more cushion in those open spaces.
  4. Do you have some makeup to pack? For glass bottles and even compact mirrors, place these inside of a sock to ensure they don’t break when added into the same bag or box.

A few other things to remember about using socks for packing material when moving:

-  You want these socks to be clean!

-  The thicker the sock the more cushion it will provide.

-  Adult socks are going to work better for most things since kids’ socks are too little.

What other ways have you used socks to help with your move? These are just 4 ways that people have used socks in the past to help with protecting those items during a move.

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