Have you recently moved into a new home? Moving during this time of the year with the holidays so closely together can make a person feel as though they are never going to get everything in order before the holidays hit. It is understandable, as moving into a new home can be a huge process, even with professional help. However, the holidays can still be full of fun, laughter and togetherness when you use these tips to get your new home ready!

  1. Have a goal for your unpacking process

Don’t simply say that you will get to it whenever you get to it! Instead, have a goal. For example, unpack one room every day and within a week you will have your entire home unpacked and ready to go.

  1. Keep out those holiday decorations

While unpacking, be sure that you keep out those holiday decorations instead of storing them in a closet or basement. After all, you are going to be using these pretty soon!

  1. If you didn’t declutter before, now is the time!

If you didn’t declutter before your move, now is the time to do this since you have not unpacked everything, including those items that would be better junked or donated.

  1. Play a little holiday music

There isn’t anything that gets you more in the mood than holiday music! So, while you are unpacking why not throw on a few tunes?

  1. Get decorating!

Once you have the vast majority of your things unpacked…get to decorating! Throw up a Christmas tree if that is what you do, string up some twinkle lights around the ceiling, add an inflatable Santa to the yard or whatnot.

Moving into a new home during the holidays can make you feel like you have no time to celebrate. However, to make this new house really feel like home…celebrating is exactly what you need to do!