When you are moving, you have several things that you need to get done. You may be worried about packing your items property, arranging for movers on the day that you need to be out of the home, and all the stress that comes with moving. One thing on your to do list should be to make a home inventory!

What is a Home Inventory?

In essence, a home inventory is a list of the items that you have in your home that you are moving. It will give you a way to check off these items when they arrive at your new home or when they are put into storage. However, many people use a home inventory list as a way to not only know what they have to move, but they include the condition of the item, what they paid and the like. This way, in the event that items are broken or damaged, you have a way to prove that this item was a part of your move.

Why Make this List?

As we stated before, making a home inventory can be helpful in numerous situations. However, we have a few reasons why you will want to make this:

  1. If you make this before a move, you can have a better way to estimate the cost of the move when talking to professional movers since you already know everything that you have that is being moved.
  2. This is a great way to declutter your home. Those items that you do not list can be given away, donated or trashed.
  3. This doubles as a packing list so that you know you don’t leave anything behind.
  4. This can be a valuable paper if you have to make an insurance claim!

How to Make a Home Inventory List

How can you make a home inventory list? There are several ways. Some people simply put this into a notebook, other people use a template to go by. We have a template that you can download here  in PDF form that you can use for your home inventory for your next move.

For those who are moving in the New York or Long Island area, don’t forget to call the professional movers as soon as you know you are moving so that you can be ready! 

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