There are several moving mistakes that can be made that make a move harder. For example, a bottle of shampoo spills out and then leaks onto everything else in the box or you pack up your cell phone charger in a box that you didn’t label. These are moving mistakes that are going to make your move a bit harder, but they are not something that completely derails this. For those who are getting ready to move, here are a few mistakes that you may make, but trust us, they are not going to make your move a total fail!

Mistake 1: You Run out of Padding

While you have tons of bubble wrap and packing paper, what happens when you run out? Many people do, and they often find that this happens a few hours before movers are supposed to be at their home. A quick fix: use towels, sheets, comforters and even pillows to pack these into boxes properly and know that they are going to be safe.

Mistake 2: The kitchen is the last room that you pack

While we don’t recommend this as the kitchen is often a room that takes a lot of time and energy, it does happen. This is definitely going to make your move a bit harder, but not impossible. Our recommendation: if you leave the kitchen for last, have a good night’s rest and tackle this first thing in the morning and be prepared to spend a lot of time packing up this room!

Mistake 3: You don’t have everything packed before movers arrive

This mistake happens more times than not. However, while we always recommend that packing be complete before movers arrive, we also realize that things happen, and the results are often that there are a few things left to pack. Our recommendation: get these packed as soon as you can while movers are moving out your belongings. You may have to be fast about packing these, and it may not be a perfectly packed box, but in the end, it needs to get packed and moved!

These mistakes are not going to kill your move. However, you can best bet that they are going to add a bit more stress to your move. And more than likely if you make these mistakes one time, you won’t make them again. You can avoid all these mistakes by working with moving professionals at Quality Moving & Storage! 

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