Packing is not the most fun that you can have…we totally get that. However, when you are moving, packing is just part of the deal. That is why we have gathered some great tips to get your packing started off right. You may know some of these, but others may be a huge surprise!

1. Don’t pack what you don’t need! This is the golden rule of packing. There is no reason to waste boxes and time to pack up those things that you no longer need.

2. Be sure to sort your items. We suggest taking one day for clothing, one day for your books and office items and the like.

3. There are tons of places that will pick up donations for free, so if you have a lot instead of having to truck this over yourself, arrange an appointment. This will be one less thing that you have to do.

4. Have a packing list. What do you want to get done and when do you need it done by? Having a list can get your move more organized.

5. Avoid dead space in your boxes, always fill this with something. For example, have a lot of dead space and need to pack towels? This is a great way to do this.

6. Cover shoes with disposable shower caps when packing these. This way, if these shoes are packed with clothes, you don’t have to worry about washing everything when you unpack.

7. Many people recommend turning your clothes inside out if they are light colored so that there is no possibility that other dark clothing will stain these. This could be a great tip for those who are packing for storage!

8. Add in a fabric softener sheet into the box when packing. This way when you open it everything smells great…this is especially true for those who may be packing sporting equipment and shoes that have an odor anyways!

9. Have plenty of Ziploc bags on hand to ensure that you can keep things straight when packing these items into boxes. These baggies are great for screws, cords and the like.

10. Always pack heavier items on the bottom of the box.

11. Don’t try to pack those expensive pieces of art on your own. Always let the pros handle this so that the artwork is protected.

12. Make sure to tape this box completely when it is packed. You can avoid a lot of accidents by taping the box securely!

13. Don’t make the big mistake of packing everything and then finding out that you have nothing more than what is on your back. This happens more times than people realize.

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the packing, you can let us handle it. Here at Quality Moving & Storage, we are always here for every packing and moving need you may have.