When you are ready for a move, where are you getting your boxes? There are several places that you can use that are going to give you free boxes that you can use. However, just because this is free, remember this:

1.  You want these to be sturdy boxes…even if they are free and they are not sturdy they are not worth your time!

2.  You want boxes that are clean and dry. Wet boxes are going to be unusable. While dirty boxes are going to get all your belongings dirty.

Remember, getting free boxes is a great way to save yourself some money, while also allowing you to do your job at going green for the environment.

Here are a few ideas as to where you could get free boxes for your move:

-  Send out a Facebook or Twitter post! You will be surprised at just how many of your friends and family may have boxes laying around that they want to get rid of.

-  Check with local retailers who often are receiving clothing and shoes in sturdy boxes. Chances are, they are more than happy to let you take whatever you need.

-  Check with your local liquor store to find boxes that may have dividers, perfect for glassware!

-  Go to your local recycling center as there may be boxes that have been flattened but are still strong and sturdy after being taped together.

-  If you live near a college and kids have just moved in, you are going to find tons of boxes that may be around dumpsters ready to be thrown away or recycled.

These free boxes are great to use, as long as they meet your needs. However, you may still need to purchase a wardrobe box for your move, as these are boxes that people tend to keep even after moving into a new home. If you need help with your move, Quality Moving and Storage is here for your needs!

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