long distance move

Are you considering a cross country move? There are many people who decide to up and move a long distance from their current home in an effort to get a better job, maybe they are moving with their children who are going to the other side of the coast for school, or maybe it is just time for a change. Whatever the reason, moving cross country is not something that should be thrown together at the last minute. In fact, this type of move often requires that you put forth quite a bit of planning and making some snap decisions to make this move successful.

The good news is that even though you are moving cross country, this does not mean that you have to do this on your own. A long distance move is something that we here at Quality Moving and Storage can handle with ease, as we have done this in the past. Having professional movers on hand to help with this cross-country move will make this huge decision something that you can handle a bit easier, as we can handle all the hard work. In addition, we have a few tips that can make this move even easier on you!

1.  Are there things that you won’t be needing? Consider where you are moving and what size of home you are moving into. Are there items that are going to be too big in your new home? If so, don’t pack these, sell these or donate these now before having to have them loaded and moved.

2.  Declutter and then when you think that you can do no more, take a break and declutter some more. There is no sense in paying your movers to move items that you are going to be likely to throw away anyways!

3.  Book your appointment early to move. With a long-distance move, you cannot take a chance that the movers will not be able to fit you in. This is an important move, so be sure that you book this move early to get the best date for your move.

4.  Have a plan for how you will get there. Will you be driving? Maybe having your car transported and flying there? Have these decisions made beforehand so that you know the plan!

For those who are ready to move or need some additional help, we are here for you! Give us a call today!