It is hard to believe that it is already mid-January of 2020! For those who will be having a move this year, they probably already have a few feelings about this move. In most cases, while your mind may be ready for the move and excited about what is to come, chances are you also have a feeling of dread, knowing that the actual move itself is sure to be stressful. For those who will be moving in 2020, we have a few tips to make this easier on you!

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to pack up your belongings. When you are pressed for time and have to rush, this is when things get broken or misplaced. So take your time!

  2. Call in professionals for your move. Why? Professionals can make the move so much easier and stress free for you. Moving is our life, so we take our experience and put that into your move, so you can sit back and relax. 

  3. Declutter your home as much as possible before moving. There is no reason to move items that you are not going to use in your new home. 

  4. Make a rough floor plan of your new home and try to have a good idea of where items will go when they are unpacked. This can make the process a tad bit easier on you.

  5. Be sure to arrange for your move weeks in advance. Don’t think that professionals can fit you in at the last minute. We may be able to, but you don’t want to count on this.

  6. Use the proper packing supplies when packing up. Improper packing supplies can make your job harder. Use bubble wrap, packing paper and sturdy boxes. Try to avoid using garbage bags, as these are harder to stack in a truck and can break easily.

  7. Donate items that you will not be needing when decluttering. There is no reason why those items that you no longer want need to go to the dump. Instead, donate these so someone else can have some use of them. 

  8. Take a day to do the change of address forms, getting your banking in order, insurance and other practical needs before the move. It will make a new location that much easier to feel like home. 

For those who are moving soon, let us know! Quality Moving and Storage is here to help you in any way that we can!