While we are experiencing above normal temperatures here on Long Island with rain, you know that snow is just right around the corner. It may not be next week or the next, but chances are we'll see a decent snow at some point in the next month or two. When you are scheduled for a move, how does snow affect this? Can you still move? What should you do to make this move easier and safer? We have all the answers for what to do if snow dares to fall on your move day!

Will Snow Cancel a Move?

There is no certain answer to this question. In the event that a huge storm comes and the roads are dangerous, then for the safety of the crew and everyone else, the move date will probably be rescheduled. That is why professional movers often state that you should allow 2 weeks before you must be out of the home for your move date to avoid putting you into an unfortunate situation.

Tips to Be Safe When Moving in the Snow

We have a few tips to keep you safe while moving in the snow:

  1. Be sure to shovel sidewalks to give everyone a clear path into the home to load and unload your items.

  2. Purchase some salt to spread onto the sidewalks of your home to avoid icy and slippery conditions.

  3. Have old towels or a mop ready to get the water out of the entryway so no one slips.

  4. Wear the proper shoes that are meant to handle the snow. And don’t forget to bundle up as the temperatures could be brutal!

When snow falls and you start to wonder if this is an omen that your move is going to be awful, remember that you are working with professionals. Here at Quality Moving & Storage we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your move, whether it snows or not, is great!