Many people are using the pandemic as a time to reassess where they are at, and decide whether they want to move. In fact, the latest trends show that many people are moving from the bigger cities into the suburbs and smaller towns. Or at least, in New York this is happening, with many people moving onto Long Island. Why are they doing this? Many people are looking for space after the pandemic has hit and it has altered our way of life so much. So, if you are one of those who is considering moving into a small town or suburb, then you have some work ahead of you. For those who rent, it is nothing more than giving your notice and contacting a moving company like Quality Moving & Storage to get your belongings. However, for those who own their home and want to sell, it is going to be some more work. Luckily, we have a few tips that you can use to help sell your home faster!

1. Be sure that the home looks great on camera! More and more people are virtually touring a home with the pandemic still causing some travel issues. So, take your cell phone and start to record, then look back. Is it light enough? Does something look old and outdated on camera? Do whatever you can do to make this look better.

2. Neutral wall colors is always the best route to go. While you may love that majestic purple you have on the bedroom, it can make other people curl up their nose and think twice because they know they will have to paint. Remember, when people are looking to buy, they don’t want to buy something that they are going to have to do a ton of work to...they want move in ready.

3. Update your flooring if you are still rocking carpets. With allergies, breathing issues and the like in the world today, hardwood sells better. And if you cannot afford hardwood, consider allergy friendly laminate, tile or even vinyl.

4. Put spare items into storage. Make sure that you are decluttering your home as best as you can to make it show better. You may find it helpful to get a storage unit from Quality Moving & Storage to store those extra items in. However, if you have your new home already, then go ahead and move everything into this new home and keep the home you want to sell as blank as possible.

While people are ready to move, it takes some work to get a house sold. The good news is that this is a sellers market. Meaning that there is a demand for homes on the market, so hopefully you will not have your home sitting on the market for very long.