With Halloween almost here, who else is ready to enjoy all that this holiday has to offer? With this being said, this year may be a bit different than what most people have been used to. Here are some helpful tips to keep us all safe, while still allowing families to enjoy this holiday.

1. Try to wear a costume that uses a face mask anyways so that it all blends together, while also offering protection. However, many professionals are stating that costume masks are not enough, so maybe put a medical mask underneath if this is not impacting their ability to breathe.

2. For those who will be giving out candy, consider putting this candy on the front of a porch or walkway and letting kids get this on their own. Or at least hand this out while wearing gloves for extra protection. And be certain that you are using individually wrapped candies!

3. Parents consider using a disposable bag for your child to collect candy so you can simply throw this out once you get back home.

4. Disinfect the candy before kids start to dig into this Since these are individually wrapped, you are basically wiping down the wrappers, just as you would if you were bringing in groceries and disinfecting the packaging.

5. Trick or treaters should avoid ringing doorbells, instead should “Trick or Treat!” loudly to get attention, or look around to see if the person has left the candy on the doorstep with a sign that says take one piece or whatnot.

While this year, Halloween is going to look a bit different, kids can still dress up, they can still have fun. The key is to do this in a safe manner. While it may be different, remember this is a holiday that many kids look forward to, so try your best to let them have a memorable Halloween. And let’s face it, kids are going to remember their 2020 Halloween!