When moving, there are a ton of things that you need to get done. You not only need to handle the packing, but finding the right professional movers to handle your move, getting family members ready for the move, for parents it means potentially switching schools for kids, and the like. That is why moving is often considered such a stressful experience. However, what makes this even more stressful? Getting to your new home, unpacking, and realizing that you cannot find the cables to hook up the TV, gaming system, stereo system, or the like. Or, let’s say that you do pack them where you can find these cables later only to discover that something broke the fragile wires on the inside, rendering the cable useless. It is frustrating and it is the cherry on the top, so to say, you feel as if the move was a huge pain...and you may even regret doing it.

So, how can you pack the cables in a way that ensures they are easy to find? And that they are in perfect condition to use again? We have a few tips that are not going to add much time to the packing process, but help to avoid being in one of the situations that we described above.

1. Take a photo of these cables on the back of the electronic so that you know where they go when you unpack. Most people have numerous cables stemming from the back of their television, so take a picture to know where they go when you unpack. In this case, a picture can save you tons of time in unpacking and getting things set back up.

2. If the cable does not come away from the electronics, then you don’t have to worry about losing it. However, be sure that you pack this in a way that is not going to damage the cable. Look to the manufacturer for suggestions on how to do this. In many cases, you can tape the cable to the product to avoid it getting damaged.

3. If the cable is removable from the product, then label its use. If you have a cord that plugs from the TV to the gaming system, label it. The same goes for any cord that can potentially come undone from the product.

4. Place the cables into baggies to avoid them just simply rolling around in the box. This offers more protection.

5. Pack the cable into the box with the product. This way, when you unpack, everything is right there together. It is in its own bag, with a label so there is no issue in getting this all fixed back in your new home.

Remember, for any move, Quality Moving & Storage is here to help make this a stress-free experience that will save your sanity!