While it may not be time to put up that holiday décor just yet, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you to put this away so that it can be used year after year. And remember, if you are needing self-storage solutions, we can help to make those happen in the Long Island area!

1. Consider purchasing ornament holders. These boxes or containers are going to hold the ornaments individually and are great for keeping them safe year after year.

2. Wrap the ornaments that are breakable in packing paper or even bubble wrap. You do not want these ornaments to crash together while you are moving the boxes.

3. Beaded garland can be a pain when it gets tangled around everything else. One clever method that people are using to store this is by placing this beaded garland into empty and dry water bottles. Next year, just pull out the top strand and it should easily unravel out of the bottle for use.

4. You will want to place your tree into the original box that it came in or purchase a tree storage solution. This will help to keep this from collecting dust throughout the year before you use it again.

5. For lights, you will find that you want to wrap these around a rectangle piece of cardboard. By doing this you increase the chances of being able to use these again without tangles and busted lights!

6. If you want to use everyday items in your home to help organize and store your holiday décor, consider using egg cartons for your round and small ornaments.

7. For wreaths, if you have an unused rod in your basement or closet, hang these onto this rod. But first, place them into a large garbage bag, cut a hole through this to allow the rod to go through it.

When the holidays are over, whether you decide to put up your décor the day after New Year or even in February, remember these tips to help ensure that the décor will be usable again next year.