When you are moving, you are often decluttering at the same time. This makes sense...after all why would you move items that you no longer need or want? But, what do you do with these items once you know that you no longer want or need these? The best idea is to donate those items that are in good shape that someone else could use. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the top donation locations throughout Long Island NY, that you can drop off your items at. Be sure to check with each individual location before just stopping by. With COVID-19 restrictions, many of these locations are requiring an appointment to drop off large loads, while others may be suggesting dropping off at a specified location for a person-free experience.

1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of LI

They take clothing, accessories, fabric/linens, and even small household items. However, be sure to check with them first as to what they need. As of 2/2021 they are only taking clothing, accessories, and fabric/linens. You can even schedule them to pick this up from your doorstep! Houseware & Clothing Donations | Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island (bbbsli.org)

2. Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk

For those larger items that you may be looking to donate such as appliances, hardware, furniture, paint, plumbing supplies, and whatnot, the Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk accepts these items which they then sell for a low price amount at their ReStore. Learn more: https://www.habitatsuffolk.org/

3. Long Island Council of Churches

They are always taking food donations, so if you are packing up and have a ton of pantry items that are unopened, yet you don’t want to move or cannot move with you, this is a perfect place to donate these types of items. Learn more: LICC Long Island Council of Churches Emergency Donation Site (liccdonate.org)

3. Vietnam Veterans of America

This organization takes small household items, clothing, toys, and much more. You can arrange for a drop-off where you simply drop these off at your designated time. Learn more: Schedule a Free Donation Pickup in Your Area - Pickup Please

4. Salvation Army Thrift Stores

There are several of these throughout the Long Island area that accept clothing, toys, books and other items. To find the nearest location to you check out their website: The Salvation Army Thrift Stores | Home (satruck.org)

While you may no longer want some of your household items or clothing, remember they can go to someone else who is going to love to have this. Instead of just tossing this, when it is in decent condition, let the item be recycled by someone else!