May marks the start of the busy moving season for moving companies throughout the United States. And here at Quality Moving & Storage, we are seeing a lot of calls and moves being booked. For those who are considering a future move during this busy season, we have a few FAQ’s that can help you to be prepared and know what to expect.

When should you book your move?

During the busy moving season, you need to call asap to book your move. Don’t wait two weeks before a move, which is often the time frame that we give during the off-season. During the busy season, you need to call as soon as you know, otherwise, you may not get the moving date that you want.

Can you get the moving date that you want?

We always try to get the moving date that our customers want during the busy moving season. However, we do sometimes run into an issue in which customers need to do the day before the date they want, or the day after. This is why if you call asap, you are more likely to get the date that you truly want.

Can you still hire professional packers during the busy season?

Yes, you can! Our professional packers are readily available to handle your packing needs. But, once again you want to make sure that you book this in plenty of time for your upcoming move to get the dates that you want.

Quality Moving & Storage is here for your moving needs, even during the busy moving season. Call us today to get a quote: 844-504-0414!