Moving is hard for everyone, but it is especially difficult for kids. Babies and toddlers may not be as vocal about this move, but once you get to pre-school age and may have several issues once you tell your kids that you are moving. This is especially true if they will be moving into an area that is in a different school district. So, how can you help your kids to understand and accept this move?

The key is to help your kids feel included in this move. While you, the parents/guardians, are ultimately the say-so when it comes to moving, having your kids feel included in this move is going to help them to accept this. So, what can you do? Here are a few tips to help you talk to your kids about your upcoming move.

1. Tell them as early as possible. Don’t want to tell them a few days before the move. Instead, sit them down and tell them you are moving. One of the first questions that most kids ask when they are told about moving is when did you decide this? Be sure that they are the first to know!

2. Tell the kids when they are at home. Consider holding a family meeting where no one is watching television or playing on electronics. After dinner is a great idea.

3. Be open about this move. Let them ask questions and you answer these as honestly as possible. Let them talk about this move.

5. You must be clear that this decision is final. While some kids may fight it, make sure they understand the reasons behind the move and how this is going to benefit them.

6. Always be positive about this move! The more positive you are, the more the kids are going to feed off of this positivism.

7. Give it time to be accepted. Don’t be surprised if you have a bit of acting out from older kids when you tell them the news. This is to be expected. This is one of the reasons why you need to tell them as early as possible, so they can have time to accept this.

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