Why do people move? While everyone has their own reason for why they move, there are several reasons that are constantly mentioned. In the United States, on average a person moves every five years. Do you fit this statistic?

So, why are people moving? Here are the top reasons!

1. Moving to a new job

When a new job comes to a person, one that is better, they often take this, even when it means that they are going to have to move. This is one of the top reasons for why people move, especially in today’s economy.

2. Moving to reduce commute to their current job

While taking that new job is great, many people realize that the 2-hour commute is killing their mental health. Instead, they opt to move closer so that they can reduce commute time and spend more time at home.

3. Moving due to a loved one

There are tons of people who move in order to be closer to a significant other, or to a family member that may need extra help.

4. Moving due to getting married

When two people marry, one is always moving with the other. They may not move far, but they are going to combine their households.

5. Deciding to become a homeowner

For those who have been renting and decide to dive into becoming a homeowner, then moving is inevitable.

6. Moving to a better climate

Tons of people decide that they can no longer deal with a harsh winter climate, and then give it all up to move down South to a warmer climate.

7. Moving for their kids

Lots of parents are moving to get kids into certain schools, or to get them into an area that has more kids their age. In fact, this is something that many parents consider when they are looking to buy a new home.

8. Moving for education

Tons of kids every year move out of their parent's home and into a college dorm. While this is not a permanent move, it is a move, nonetheless.

9. Moving to a new home for more space

When you outgrow your current home, the only real option you have is to find a bigger house. This accounts for a lot of moves as families have more children or even more in their aging parents or family members.

10. Moving for retirement

When many people retire, they decide to downgrade their homes in order to save money. In addition, many retirees find that moving into a smaller home that has no stairs or other issues, ensures that they can stay home longer without assistance.

Whatever you reason for moving, Quality Moving & Storage is here to take over the headache of the actual move with our professional services.