It can be a difficult decision to put your home onto the market, sell this and move. At Quality Moving & Storage, we have moved tons of people throughout our years of being in business. And what we have found is that there are several signs that you may see that showcase it is time to sell your home and move on. What are these signs?

1. It’s a seller’s market. When it becomes a seller’s market, we see more people putting their homes onto the market, as during a seller’s market, homes are going faster and they are going for higher amounts.

2. Financial stress. Too many people find that after moving into that dream home, that the financial stress is just too much. Maybe they did not calculate the maintenance costs, the property taxes that they would pay, and other issues.

3. You’ve outgrown the home. When you purchase your first home, maybe you only had one kid, now you have three. Maybe you were not working from home, but now you are. In any case, we are seeing a lot of people that are outgrowing their homes and needing something that fits their needs better.

4. You are over the “high maintenance” of a home. Did you know that the average is to shell out around $2000 a year for maintenance services and this does not take into consideration upgrading a home?! For many people this is an added expense that they did not think about.

5. You have owned the home for at least 5 years so you know that you have equity in the home. On average, people are going to stay around 10 years in their home before they sell it.

Whatever the reason, be sure that you take the time to think about whether selling is really the best thing that you can do. You do not want to regret this later! And when you do decide that you are ready to sell, be sure to let us know so that we can book your move for the date that you want.