When you know that a move is in your future, one of the first things that you do is to contact professional movers for quotes. And one of the questions they are going to ask is when is your moving date? The date of your move is important, so how do you pick your moving date?

What To Consider For Your Moving Date

There are several aspects to take into consideration for moving dates:

1. What is the date in which you must be out of your current location?
2. Do you have dates that you cannot move due to conflicts like work, an event, etc.?
3. What is the date in which you can get into your new home?

With these considerations in mind, you will probably find that there is about a week of dates that would work for your move. From here, you need to decide if there is one date that you are set on having or can you say that your dates are flexible?

Why A Flexible Moving Date Could Be Better For You?

Those who are not set on one date, in particular, are going to find that having this flexible moving date can be beneficial to them. Why is this? With a flexible moving date, you will often find that you can schedule this for a time that movers are not busy. This may result in a lower price for your overall move. In addition, you may find that since unpopular days are considered more cost-effective, you may actually luck out and find that Long Island traffic is not as bad as if you were to have gotten the date that you wanted!

Remember for any Long Island move, Quality Moving & Storage are the professionals to call. We will work with you to find the perfect date for your upcoming move!