Before a move, or even after moving into a new home, cleaning is one of the tasks on most people’s lists. With this being said, April is also the month that many people tackle their “Spring Cleaning” list. So, we have quite a few spring cleaning hacks to use throughout your home, whether you are moving soon or just moved into a new home to help get this home feeling clean and reduce your stress!

Dust With Dryer Sheets

While you may have your dusters packed up, or don’t want to run to the store for more dusting items when you know they are packed somewhere, reach for dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can be cost effective ways to dust throughout your home, and they leave the room smelling great!

Baking Soda For Smells

When moving into a new home, sometimes, people complain about a musty odor. Have a box of baking soda and place this into rooms that have an odor. You will find that baking soda naturally draws out the odors of any room. This is why many people keep a box in their fridge all the time!

Tongs And Socks For Blind Cleaning

The blinds on windows are sometimes overlooked when it comes to cleaning. While many people remove these and soak these in a tub, there is an easier way. Take a pair of kitchen tongs, and put socks onto each tong. You have a makeshift cleaning tool that you can simply slide across the blinds to remove dust/dirt/debris.

Shine Stainless Steel with Baby Oil

While there are tons of items out there meant to clean up stainless steel, many people find that there is a hack that works just as well and becomes a trusted way to clean these items. Baby oil! Take some old rags and rub the stainless steel appliance with the baby oil. It takes off the fingerprints and makes this shine!

Magic Erasers for Scuff Marks

No matter what you do, scuff marks often happen on the walls and baseboards. An easier way to scrub these out is by using Magic Erasers. They will take off the scuff marks without as much elbow grease!

If you are cleaning your Long Island home after moving in or before moving out, these tips can be a great addition to your normal cleaning routine. And remember, if you need movers, Quality Moving & Storage is here for all your moving needs!