Planning a move? Whether you’re relocating in-town or moving thousands of miles away, the moving company you choose is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Select the right company, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free moving experience. Choose the wrong company, and you may end up with an inflated final invoice, late deliveries, or other unpleasant surprises.

That’s why asking the right questions is so essential when looking for movers you can trust.

Some questions you should always ask a moving company include:

How Much Experience Does Your Company Have?

Asking about the company’s experience provides insight into whether or not the company will have the expertise to deal with issues that may come up during your move and whether the local and long-distance movers have the skills to handle your belongings properly.

Can You tell Me a Little About Your Facility? 

This is an important question to ask if the moving company will store any of your belongings. You’ll want to know that their storage facilities are secure and, if needed, that climate-controlled units are available. A dedicated business location is also a sign that the moving company has stability.

Has Your Moving Company Earned Any Accolades or Have Any Industry Affiliations?

Learn if the moving company is part of a network of moving professionals, such as Wheaton Worldwide Moving. Also, ask if they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have earned any industry awards.

Can I See Some Customer References?

View customer reviews online and also ask if the company can furnish additional references for their residential movers. The experiences of past customers can give you a good idea of the kind of service you can expect.

What Steps Will You Take to Protect My Property

You’ll need to know that the moving company cares about your property. Ask about the use of moving blankets, furniture wrapping, doorway and floor protection, and the availability of custom crating services for fragile items.

What Happens if My Items are Damaged?

No matter how exceptional the moving company, damage occasionally occurs. Ask about the company’s process for dealing with customer claims. Also, ask them to explain the difference between Released Value Protection (reimbursement based on the weight of your shipment) and Full Value Protection (reimbursement based on the value of the damaged items.)

Can you Explain your Pricing Policies? 

Some moving companies quote one price and present an inflated final invoice. Be sure to get clarification on whether the quoted price is binding or non-binding and gain a complete understanding (in writing) of what is and what is not included.

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