When your moving day is getting close, then you probably have been packing all your belongings and getting ready to allow the movers into your home. However, did you know there are certain items that you cannot allow movers to move for you? All professional movers are bound by certain laws that prevent us from moving some items, and there are some items that due to the danger they pose, are not recommended to be put onto our truck.

Things that moving companies are not going to move are basically anything that is considered liquid, hazardous, flammable, perishable, or alive. Any item that falls into this category is something you will have to make other arrangements for. This does include things like weed killer, pool chemicals, motor oil, and gasoline. In addition, firearms and ammunition are something you will have to make other arrangements for.

With this being said, we are often asked what should you do with hazardous liquids and items if you cannot move them with you? While you can move these in your personal vehicle, many people want ways they can dispose of them.

Disposing of hazardous materials does not mean you should pour this onto the ground or down the drain. Do NOT do this! You will need to contact a waste management company locally to find out if they can pick these up or you can drop these off to be taken care of safely.

What about firearms and ammunition? This really depends upon where you are moving. Transporting guns and ammunition across state lines is different because each state has its own laws. The best idea is to contact a licensed firearms dealer and ask them what you should do as they will be aware of the various state laws in place.

Here at Quality Moving & Storage, we are here to make your move easier. And while there may be items that we cannot move, we can help to steer you in the right direction for who you need to contact to figure out how to move these items.