Since 1990, Quality Moving & Storage has been a top-rated moving company in Long Island. And our three decades of experience have taught us that moving doesn't always happen at the most convenient times.

Consider needing to move during the holiday season. We know how stressful this can be, especially if you're hiring long distance movers. So, we thought it would be useful in this blog to break down some tips and tricks for your holiday move.

Pack Early

You'll want to get ahead of your packing needs. It's easy for the house to become a mess during the holidays, so the sooner you can pack, the better. Consider packing a few items such as the following:

  • Summer Clothing
  • Extra Blankets and Pillows
  • Chinaware

Don't Host the Holiday Gathering

Allow someone else to host the holiday party this year. With everything that you'll need to get done around your home, the last thing you should worry about is hosting guests in your home.

Call the Moving Company Ahead of Time

Even though this is the off-season for residential movers in Long Island, you'll still want to schedule ahead of time. With employees likely taking some time off for the holidays, the scheduling may be tighter than you anticipated.

Consider Making Donations

Moving presents an excellent opportunity to get rid of some of the items that you no longer use. With this in mind, you should go through your closet and consider some things for donation. There's no time like the holidays to donate to those who are less fortunate.

Clearly Label Holiday Decorations

If you want to set up your decorations at your new home, you'll want to make sure that your decorations are clearly labeled and organized. This will make setting up for the holidays that much easier.

No Large Item Purchasing

We understand that with the holidays often comes large item purchasing. While this is great, you'll want to hold off for the sake of your move. Adding large items to the equation will only make your move more complicated.

Always Get an Estimate

While checking out different moving companies, you should always ask for a written estimate. With all of the expenses that come with the holidays, you'll want an estimate to factor into your budget.

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