Not every moving company is created equal. While here at Quality Moving & Storage we value our customers and want to meet their needs in any way that we can, there are other moving companies who are simply in this to earn a quick buck. That is why it is important to take the time to learn as much as you can about the moving company. And that is also why we have compiled a few items to make sure you check before going with one mover or another!

What is their BBB rating?

The Better Business Bureau is a great way to get a good luck at what kind of moving company you are dealing with. For example, our moving company has an A+ rating via the BBB. Can all other moving companies say this? Be sure to look at the complaints, and if there are any issues that tend to come up time and time again by those who are reviewing the company.

Who is the company affiliated with?

Most moving companies, even if they are local companies are going to be affiliated with various organizations and other companies. For example, we are affiliated with the American Moving & Storage Association, something that you should look for in a moving company!

Does the moving company offer the services that you need?

Be sure that you are getting the services you need via this company. Check to see if they offer both full service moves or simply moves. With full service moves, they will pack, load, haul and unload everything for you. While other moving companies may simply offer their loading, hauling and unloading services.

What is the turnaround time?

Does the company offer a guarantee for when the items will get to you? What is their view on delivering goods on time? These are all important aspects to know, as you want to ensure that you are ultimately choosing the right moving company for you. Remember, we are here for you, putting your satisfaction and needs above everything! We want every person we move to have a stress-free experience.