Are you ready to move to Long Island? Any move can feel like a huge decision, and it is. However, for those who are still a bit hesitant to move into Long Island, they are going to find that this could be one of the best decisions that they have ever made. Why is that? We have five things that you need to know before moving here!

Love TV? Several Shows are Here

Did you know that several shows shoot their episodes in Long Island? The reason being is that this gives the feel of New York, without the hassle of NYC! For example, shows like Law and Order shoot here. In addition, Silvercup Studios has been known to choose this area for shooting as well!

A Small Town Feel

Do you want to walk out your front door and see your neighbor, wave and go to work? If you want that friendly, neighborly feel, then you are going to find this in Long Island. There is a small town feel to the entire town, despite offering several big city accommodations!

A Great Commute

Maybe you have to commute for work, but still want an area that is going to feel like home, then you will find that Long Island offers a great commute. There are subway lines that are just one stop from Manhattan, so you can easily get into the city!

Bursting with Culture

There are several sites of culture within Long Island. For example, there are art galleries, historical areas, and tons of community organizations that are dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the area. It is not surprising to find these locations putting on specials throughout the year to showcase just how unique Long Island is…and they are something that you do not want to miss!

Love that View!

Many areas throughout Long Island are going to have a view of the waterfront, which is a huge plus for those who love the water. If you have a dream of living on the water, while also being in a community, you can find that with Long Island. Remember, if you are moving into the area and need help, Quality Moving and Storage is here for your moving needs!

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