One of the most overlooked parts of moving, and often also one of the hardest, is packing your clothes for the move. Can you just throw these into a box? You can, but…and this is a huge but…what if the box is damaged and the clothing is ripped in the process? That is why it is imperative that you take your time with packing your clothes…treating these just as you would other items throughout your home.

Since packing clothing is almost always the last thing that a person does, and often they are in a hurry we have 6 tips to make this process faster and most importantly, more effective!

1.  You must sort your clothes! If you have items that you do not wear, then toss these or donate them to a charity. There is no point in moving clothes that you no longer wear.

2.  Consider packing your boxes by seasons. This way when you arrive to your new home, you are going to immediately know which box you need to open for your current wardrobe.

3.  Trash bags for packing clothes are only meant to be used in a pinch. These are not suitable for packing everything that you own!

4.  Wardrobe boxes are a must have for those more expensive pieces of clothing that you have. With this option you will find that you can keep the clothing in good shape while it is being moved as well…no worries about wrinkles!

5.  While clothes are not heavy, you will find that if you pack too much into a box, it will significantly affect the weight. Be sure to pack these boxes and remember to allow for plenty of room to close the flaps securely.

6.  Since clothes are not something that are super fragile or breakable…it is okay to use second hand boxes for these items. As this can also save you a bit of money on packing expenses as well!

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