For those who are looking to move as soon as they can sell their current home, staging is a topic that may be of interest. Staging is the concept of decorating your home in a way that makes this more appealing to those who are prospective buyers. However, does this work? Staging does work, and it is a huge industry! For that reason, there are several myths and truths that surround staging a home. For those who are ready to move, we hope this advice can help you to get your move underway sooner. And please don’t hesitate to call us for your moving needs!

Myths to Remember

There are several myths about staging a home that need to be told for what they are. These myths include:

  1. Staging is unnecessary! This is simply not true. Staging has been shown to shorten the time that you home is on the market.
  2. Staging simply means decluttering and cleaning. This is definitely NOT all that staging is about. It is also about looking at your home from a buyer’s perspective to see what can be done to get it sold sooner.
  3. Staging is the same as decorating. Not really…staging can be nothing more than decorating, removing clutter and cleaning. But, it can also be about making some simple renovations to make your home more desirable.

Truths to Remember

There are several truths to remember about staging your home as well. These truths include:

  1. What you put into staging, including the money you spend, is going to be what you get. The old saying, “You get what you pay for”, is very adequate here.
  2. Buyers cannot see past what you have in your home to the potential that the home has. This is why staging a home is a great way to show potential buyers what it can be!

For those who are in the process of moving, remember staging could be one way to get your home off of the market sooner!