One of the most popular questions that we are asked from those who are looking to move, is it possible to save money when moving? The answer is yes, you can save some money when moving with the proper planning and other tips that we will examine!

So, how can you save money when moving? Here are a few tips that people have found to work for them that helps to save a little here and there. But, remember, a little saved here and there does add up in the long run!

  1. Make a personal moving budget that will allow you to figure out what moving tasks are the most important to pay for, and what you can do without.
  2. Remember, moving during off peak season can save you money since moving companies are not in high demand. Off peak moving season is September to May in most places!
  3. Try to more of the moving work yourself, such as packing. This can save you from hiring in a professional to do this for you. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time doing this. Thus, you have to weigh whether your time is worth the savings that you may get.
  4. Declutter, as the less that you have to move, the less this is going to cost.
  5. Try to find free moving boxes to pack items in, this can save you a bit when compared to buying these boxes from moving businesses.

Remember, when it comes to saving money when moving, you can only do so much. You do not want to choose a moving company that has the lowest rates, yet also the lowest customer service rating. If you are looking to move into the Long Island area, or nearby, Quality Moving & Storage is here for your moving needs. Just give us a call for a fair quote that is not going to break the bank!