When you are moving out of a home, whether this is a rental that you have vacated or a house that you have sold, you need to make sure that you are doing your best to avoid any type of damage to the property due to this move. It can be easy to suffer property damage when you are moving, especially if you are in a hurry. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you do not lose that security deposit or leave a mess for the next homeowners!

  1. Consider putting down anti-slip covers onto the stairs of a home to avoid falling, breaking the items in a box or even doing damage to the stairs.
  2. Be sure to plan your move ahead of time so you are not rushing. More accidents happen when rushing!
  3. Be sure that boxes are properly sealed! You do not want a box to break free and then put a dent into that hardwood floor or break your items.
  4. Have the right boxes…packing with the wrong box is more likely to cause an issue when moving.
  5. Don’t make your home into an obstacle course of boxes. Be sure to stack these boxes against a wall or other area to avoid having to step around these. Having an obstacle course can lead to trips and falls into walls, denting walls, smashing the contents of the boxes and even leading to personal injuries.
  6. The most important tip that we can give on ensuring that no property damage is happening is to hire professional movers!

Why opt to go with professional movers? They have all the tools and materials to ensure that your items are handled carefully while also ensuring that the property is left as it was. This can include using a dolly, furniture pads and lifting straps to get items out of the home without causing damage to the structure. For those who are looking to move, remember Quality Moving & Storage is here for your moving needs.