Mistakes when moving can be made by anyone. Of course, those who have moved numerous times, learn the ropes and avoid those mistakes that can cost them in the long run. For those who are new to moving or have not really moved for a while, you may be surprised at what mistakes you could make that jeopardize the move. These mistakes often make a move more messy, stressful and something that you will always look back on with dread. So, what are these mistakes?

Mistake 1: Believing That You “Have Enough Time”

How many times have you looked at the calendar when moving and said to yourself, “I still have 3 weeks before my move...plenty of time to get things done”. And instead of starting to pack rooms, you go out with friends and sit on the couch and watch Netflix? This is very common for those who have never moved, as they think how long can it take to pack up everything? Depending upon the size of the home that you are moving out of, it can take several days and weeks to pack up everything. So, be sure that you are planning accordingly. Most people start to pack rooms they are not using regularly as far as as a month before their moving date!

Mistake 2: Forgetting to Set Up The Utilities At your New Home

This is a mistake that is easy to make. Remember, you are packing and moving from one home to another, so it is common that you are not thinking about everything that you need to do at your new home before you get there. And not having the utilities on can make for an unpleasant move in...that is sure. The best advice is to call and have these utilities on and going at least a day before you get to your new home. Try to avoid having these turned on at the same time that you are moving in, since this can make a hectic day even more hectic.

While the above two mistakes are those that are going to drastically affect your move, there are several others that we have listed below:

3. Moving on your own without even considering hiring a professional mover. Many people find that moving on their own ends up costing them more when you factor in the time and having to beg people to help.

4. Not having a moving checklist that is going to keep you organized. Trying to do this without a checklist is a sure way of forgetting something that may be important.

5. Not having a packing plan! You need to know what is going and what is getting donated to avoid packing everything.

6. Using the wrong boxes to pack. For example, using extra large boxes for heavy items can make for an eventful time of getting these out the door. Remember, all heavy items should be packed alone in as a small of a box as it will fit into.

7. Packing boxes that are extremely heavy. The ideal weight is 50 pounds or below.

8. Packing boxes with little to no padding, thinking that the move that is just down the road will be fine without padding. Always use padding!

9. Not properly labeling boxes, which can mean for a huge stressful adventure when you start to unpack.

10. Not taking the time to do your research on the moving company that you hire. This is a huge mistake that can lead to you being taken advantage of.

11. You forget to change your mailing address when moving, and now can’t find all your mail.

Overall, when moving, working with the professionals at Quality Moving & Storage is going to help you to avoid making these mistakes. With our years of service, we can give you friendly advice to help plan this better, and we even offer packing services so you can have this move completed without having to be hugely involved!