Many people use a storage unit for those extra items that they have that cannot fit into their homes. Other people look at their storage unit as the stop-off between where they are moving out of to what they are moving into. For whatever reason, maybe you had to leave your apartment and it has taken a few months to find a new apartment you liked, or maybe you finally bought a home and it took a few months to get funding approved and find the one that you want. Whatever the reason, that is why storage units are here...they are a great way to safely store your items when they are not being used. With this being said, when it is time to move out of a storage unit, what should you do?

What have several tips that will make it easier than ever to move out of your storage unit. While most people think about tips for storing items into their storage unit, they may attack move out with no plan. And when you go in with no plan, you can rest assured that it will not go as smoothly as you had hoped.

1. Make a plan! Is everything going into a new home? Are you going to leave some items in the storage unit? Know what is going and what is staying at the beginning so you are not shuffling things back and forth for no reason.

2. Make sure that you let the storage company know in advance that you will be departing the facility. You will find that most storage companies have a month to month agreement, so when you leave, you need to let them know. If you are only moving a few things out, you may still need to let know depending on if this is a unit in a controlled facility.

3. How are you going to move these items? You can hire movers to get into the storage unit, pack this onto their truck, and get it to your new home. Quality Moving & Storage has helped tons of people who have their items in storage to get these items into their new home, and we can help you as well!

4. Make sure that when you leave the storage unit with your items that you take the time to clean it up. Bring a broom and dustpan with you to sweep the floors so that this is ready for the next people who use this storage unit.

5. Remove the lock that you put onto the storage unit. Most people have their own lock they use, and if you do you will want to remove it and take it with you.

There are tons of reasons why your items may be in storage. When it is time to move out of storage, make sure to follow these tips and you will find it is easier than you thought!